Siglap Road EC by Atrium Trust

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Siglap Belle EC is a new EC located right next to Siglap MRT Station. Its located is unparalleled as it is near to many amenities and on top of it, it is near to East Coast Park. It is noted that due to the increase income ceiling, many buyers are now looking for ECs near an MRT Station. Siglap Belle will be highly sought after as its located is near an MRT Station.

Siglap Belle EC by Atrium Trust

Siglap Belle is close to many of the amenities below. For example, it is close to East Coast Park. East Coast Park is an area of park land next to the coast in Singapore. The park is a popular place for people to relax, even though it is surprisingly close to the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Local people have been going to this park for many years and it is becoming more popular with tourists too. The park is great for relaxation, or gentle exercise such as walking or cycling. People can also walk along the beach by walking through the park. Siglap Belle EC is near to East Coast Park where there are many activities available for the residents to use.

Siglap Belle EC Siglap MRT

There is car parking near to East Coast Park as is a bus station, so the park is easy to get to. The paths through the park are ideal for cyclists, runners, and walkers, with plenty of trees to keep people in the shade. The extra shade provided by the trees and the sea breeze means that people go to East Coast Park to cool down during the summer months. There are also gardens within the park area that people can admire, or sit in. The gardens near Siglap Belle EC by Atrium Trust are particularly popular with people who just want to relax.

Siglap Belle

Siglap Belle Atrium Trust is a haven of tranquility literary only a couple of streets from the city centre and it can be a nice break from work, studying, or even shopping. It is a place to go to relax during lunch breaks, or where families can go to have fun at the weekend. The extra exercise is good for children, and it can help adults relax after a busy week at work.

It is a real surprise that not everybody in Singapore goes to East Coast Park more often. The park has some attractive scenery besides been near to the sea. The gardens are well kept and the trees will keep you cool during the hottest days of summer.

Ngee Ann Primary School

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The Ngee Ann Primary School is located at 344 Marine Terrace on the east coast of Singapore. Educators at this co-ed school believe that they must teach a strong foundation in basic subjects and then guide the students into independent thinking and community service. This government-aided school near Siglap Belle EC receives generous support from Ngee Ann Kongsi, the school management committee. Ngee Ann Primary School is also known for musical activities such as their choir, dance groups and Chinese Orchestra.

Ngee Ann Primary Siglap Road

Ngee Ann Primary School originally began as an all-girl’s school in 1940 and was Singapore’s first Chinese all-girls school. In 1967 the school began admitting boys and became a primary school. Over the years, the school operated under a few different names and at several different locations near to Siglap Belle EC by Atrium Trust. In December 2000 Ngee Ann Primary School moved to its current home in Marine Parade. Ngee Ann Primary is located near to Siglap Belle EC by Fraser Centrepoint Homes.

The school mission is “To Nurture Every Child To His Best”. Administrators believe that all children have the ability to learn from a quality academic programme and thrive in a supportive environment. The school crest symbolizes these values. The shield is formed from three lines to represent the community, school and family. “Ngee Ann” is written in both English and Chinese to honor the school’s history. The shield also includes the motto “Onward in Unity”.

Siglap Belle EC near Ngee Ann Primary

With a belief in holistic education, teachers at Ngee Ann strive to develop and nurture the whole child. Educators guide children through phases called “Experience”, “Explore”, and “Expand”. During “Experience” teachers concentrate on imparting basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills to Primary 1 and 2 students. This phase gives children a strong skills in problem solving and academics for both future phases and later in life. “Explore” gives Primary 3 and 4 students opportunities to build on these basics and use them to foster independent thinking. “Expand” completes the phases for Primary 5 and 6 students. They explore cultural activities and learn to participate in community service.

112 Katong Mall

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112 Katong was previously known as Katong Mall, but it has recently undergone a major revamp. It is considered to be one of the premier shopping and eating destinations in Singapore and you can certainly spend a whole day here exploring everything that the six levels of stores and restaurants has to offer.

112 Katong Shopping Mall near Siglap Road

You will find everything from major brands to small independent shops at 112 Katong and it is very unlikely that you will not be able to find what you are looking for here. There is such a wide range of different types of stores that not many people leave the mall completely empty handed.

Whether you just want to grab a quick snack, or are in the mood for a proper sit down for meal, you will be spoiled for choice with all the eating options that are available at 112 Katong. Many of the restaurants are open well into the evening so you are able to make a real night of it if you choose to eat at the end of your shopping trip.

112 Katong Mall near Siglap Belle EC

There are two levels of parking in the basement, so you can be sure that parking is never an issue when you visit this mall. 112 Katong is conveniently located on the intersection of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road, so it is easy to get to in the car. Parking is very easy and not at all stressful, which means your day will get off to a great start.

Siglap Belle EC

The landscaped garden on the rooftop is the perfect place to relax if you want a break from your shopping. There are numerous places in the garden where you are just able to sit and watch the world go by, which makes it a perfect spot when you want to get away from the crowds.